python admin abuse complaint

Steven D'Aprano steve at
Sun Feb 7 17:31:12 CET 2010

On Sun, 07 Feb 2010 13:57:13 +0100, Daniel Fetchinson wrote:

> having a single c.l.p clown is tolerable if it makes him happy.

Why should we care about his happiness if it comes at the expense of the 
happiness of hundreds of other people?

I mean, if he decided that his happiness was best satisfied by following 
you home one day and smashing all your windows and pouring tar all over 
your furniture and smearing excrement over your clothes, should we 
tolerate that because it makes him happy?

And later, in another post:

> A village clown is tolerated in the purest form of the word 'tolerance'
> by nor wishing him to change. Let him be the clown, let everybody
> accept him as such, including all the annoyance and weird behavior.

Why should we? What's in it for us?

> Hoping for someone to change is the same as assigning him to a
> correctional facility.

That's a ridiculous comparison, which could only have been spoken to 
somebody who has never been in prison. You trivialise the problem of the 
punishment society by equating it to expecting a modicum of polite 
behaviour in public.

> I'd say let's designate a post Python Community Jester, or PCJ for
> short, let's name Xah Lee the PCJ and make it clear that he can engage
> in his activities on c.l.p and #python as he wishes without
> retribution and fear, and nobody should really bother him. The only
> people should do who don't like him is ignoring him. What is very
> important is that there can be only one PCJ and everybody else with
> objectionable behavior will be banned, blacklisted, etc. with the full
> force of available methods.

Why should Xah Lee get special treatment? If other anti-social nuisances 
and trolls are banned, why should he get the privilege of being tolerated 
no matter what he does?

What is so special about Xah Lee that he gets carte blanche permission to 
be as obnoxious as he wants, while everyone else has to follow the rules 
of polite society?


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