Your impression of for-novice writings on assertions

David ldl08 at
Sun Feb 7 18:07:33 CET 2010

Hi Alf,

I think you talk too much... :-) Basically I am all for a verbose 
approach in a text for beginners, but on the other hand it is necessary 
to stick to the point you are making.
When, for example, you introduce your reader to the thoughts of Francis 
Glassborrow on page 5 of chapter three, then the only relevant point you 
are making is the following: "Many programmers hide the structure of 
their code behind their comments [which is to be avoided]". If you 
insist on a proper citation here, then use a footnote, but even there I 
would suggest you merely offer the link. As it stands you are not to the 
point, and frankly, as a beginner I have enough stuff troubling my head 
so that I do not need superfluous information as to the evolution of the 
things you are talking about. Just the facts, please.

My 2 cents,


On 03/02/10 04:54, Alf P. Steinbach wrote:
> I've started on ch 3 of my beginner's intro to programming, now delving
> into the details of the Python language.
> It's just a few pages yet, file [03 asd.pdf] (no real title yet!) at
> <url:> which is at Google Docs.
> The first topic is about assertions and exceptions. I wonder whether
> this text is easy or difficult to understand for a beginner. Or any
> improvements that could be made.
> Cheers,
> - Alf

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