threading+popen2 hang

lofic louis.coilliot at
Mon Feb 8 10:02:50 CET 2010

On 7 fév, 17:00, a... at (Aahz) wrote:
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> lofic  <louis.coill... at> wrote:
> >Works fine on RHEL5/python 2.4.3
> >Hangs on RHEL4/python 2.3.4
> Then use Python 2.4 -- surely you don't expect anyone to provide bugfixes
> for a release that's several years old?
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> Aahz (a... at           <*>
> import antigravity

2.3 is the version provided with RHEL 4, which is still widely used in
production environments. Sometimes it is not so easy to shift to
another version in production systems.
Some people don't work with the last bleeding edge Fedora release and
must deal with (sometimes pretty old) existing system pools.
I could deploy python 2.4 in addition to python 2.3, but it is much
shake up for a little bug and a little program.
I was not expected a bugfix, but maybe a workaround.


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