Modifying Class Object

MRAB python at
Mon Feb 8 18:33:45 CET 2010

Alf P. Steinbach wrote:
> * Steve Holden:
>> Alf P. Steinbach wrote:
>>> * Steve Holden:
>> [...]
>>>> Alf:
>>>> This topic was discussed at great, nay interminable, length about a 
>>>> year
>>>> ago. I'd appreciate it if you would search the archives and read what
>>>> was said then rather than hashing the whole topic over again to 
>>>> nobody's
>>>> real advantage.
>>> Well that's my point, and thanks for backing me up on that :-): it's
>>> very simple, and as demonstrated can be expressed in 10 words or less
>>> (plus perhaps a terminology reference, as I did above), so all that
>>> discussion and in particular the lengthy article at effbot serves as
>>> obfuscation and nothing else.
>> Please don't assume I was trying to support you. Your remarks showed
>> considerable ignorance of issue that were extremely nuanced. Whatever
>> point you were trying to make was lost in your self-aggrandizing
>> disrespect of Fredrik Lundh, a software engineer of some repute with a
>> long history of contribution to Python. The fact that your post was
>> basically a restatement of one of the several competing positions in
>> that thread makes it no more right than any of the others.
> What on Earth are you babbling about?
> Perhaps next you'll drag in the Pope, saying I've shown him some 
> disrespect.
> News for you: the Pope ain't participating.

The Pope isn't (as far as we know) a Pythonista.

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