Socket Error: Permission Denied

W. eWatson wolftracks at
Tue Feb 9 04:24:40 CET 2010

I'm using IDLE with winxp. It seems every day I get into the Subject 
above. Usually, after 5-8 minutes I get past it. A msg appearing at the 
same time say, "IDLE's subprocess didn't make connect. ... possible 
firewall problem."

A resource for this is <>. There a 
number of choices. Perhaps the most appealing is:

adgprogramming: first, bring up your task manager and make sure there
are no python processes running.  2.6.x subprocesses can get stuck.
Then make sure that your firewall isn't blocking socket access to
localhost.  Then restart IDLE.  IDLE 3.1.1 may work for you since it
has the recent enhancement that allows multiple copies of IDLE to run
simultaneously, but it still needs interprocess access via sockets.

How would I know the which Python processes or subprocesses are running? 
I can kill the main one, but that seems to do no good.


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