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> I have thought funny things
> If we think all languages are like a family
> I could draft them like this (Python base)
> C is Python's Mom
I can see this.

> C++ : Dad
Ick, no. C++ is the dirty Uncle who gets touchy with us in inappropriate

> Pascal/Assembly : Grandparents

> C#   : Uncle

Java : Aunt

 If C# and Java are our parents siblings and we're older by quite a bit then
them, then... that implies some sort of shady things in our family tree!
Maybe Grandpappy married a bombshell just out of high school and managed to
knock her up.

Then again, we did take some stuff from both. So maybe C# and Java are our
neighbors, and our sister had an affair with one of them and got knocked up,
and so we got the "logging" package and decorators and.


I fail at this analogy.

Ruby: Cousin
I can see this.

> Perl : Girlfriend
You seriously need to duck and run for cover at this one. Someone on one of
our sides is going to throw a rock at you now. :)

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