Modifying Class Object

Alf P. Steinbach alfps at
Tue Feb 9 21:04:08 CET 2010

* Steve Holden:
> Alf P. Steinbach wrote:
>> * Stephen Hansen:
> [...]
>>> I've heard that before, and have no idea why, nor any real interest in
>>> solving it: I don't want to read cpl via Usenet, and prefer to read it
>>> as a mailing list. Somewhere between Gmail->>
>>> <>'s usenet server->the world, some people don't seem
>>> to get my posts. Yet it shows up on some news servers, not others.
>>> No idea. Nothing I know of can solve it.
>> Not sure, but perhaps it's possible to mail directly to gmane?
> Is there *any* problem you don't have a fatuous answer for?

I thought the answer could help.

You thought you cold do a bit of ad hominem attack.

That's the difference between us.


- Alf

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