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Tue Feb 9 23:11:45 CET 2010

In <14Cdnb6rubmdUOzWnZ2dnUVZ_gadnZ2d at posted.grandecom> "Quin" <quindennis at> writes:

> s = f.readline()
> if 'mystring' in s: print 'foundit'
> if 'mystring' not in s: print 'not found'
> if 'mystring' in s:
>     print 'processing'

> this generates output:
> not found
> processing

> so, it doesn't find the substring, but goes into processing code anyway.

I got this output when f contained 'mystring':


And this output when f did not contain 'mystring':


I have no idea why it would have worked otherwise for you.  When you posted
your question, did you type the code by hand?  Perhaps you made a mistake.

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