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> * Steven D'Aprano:
>> On Tue, 09 Feb 2010 21:04:08 +0100, Alf P. Steinbach wrote:
>>> You thought you cold do a bit of ad hominem attack.
>>  That phrase you keep using, "ad hominem"... it doesn't mean what you  
>> seem to think it means.
>>  An ad hominem attack is not when somebody makes a criticism of you  
>> personally. It is when somebody says something along the lines of  
>> "Don't pay any attention to Alf, he doesn't know what he's talking  
>> about, he's a <whatever>".
> <url:>
> ad hominem Latin [æd ˈhɒmɪˌnɛm]
> adj & adv
> 1. directed against a person rather than against his arguments
> 2. based on or appealing to emotion rather than reason Compare ad rem  
> See also argumentum ad hominem
> In response to ...
>  > >> No idea. Nothing I know of can solve it [failure of article  
> propagation].
>  >
>  > Not sure, but perhaps it's possible to mail directly to gmane?
> ... Steve Holden wrote:
> <quote>
> Is there *any* problem you don't have a fatuous answer for?
> </quote>
> Which doesn't have anything to do with any subject matter discussed, not  
> even the PS that he was replying to (which absolutely didn't warrant  
> that description or any negative response), but which does convey an  
> impression of a person.

This doesn't make it an ad hominem fallacie. This is just criticism  
directed to your person, that you may like or not. It would be a fallacie  
if it were intended to dismiss your argument.

> PS: in order to recognize various forms of fallacies the following is a  
> quite useful resource: <url:>.  
> I just typed "fallacies" in the Firefox address bar. - DS

 From the above site:

"this fallacy involves two steps. First, an attack against the character  
of person making the claim [...] Second, this attack is taken to be  
evidence against the claim or argument the person in question is making  
(or presenting)."

That second part is missing in S. H. posts.

Gabriel Genellina

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