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 Thomas Nelson <thomasharrisonnelson at> wrote:

> I downloaded the 3.1.1 dmg from
> but when I run it I get the error "The folowing install step failed:
> run postflight script for python documentation."  The bugs list has
> this bug at but it's described as
> fixed.  Is it only fixed for the source version?  Where should I go to
> install?

Unfortunately, there hasn't been a release of Python 3.1 since 3.1.1.  
On the other hand, the problem isn't critical: it only prevents the 
installation from creating the .pyc compiled byte-code files for the 
python files in the standard library.  Python 3.1.1 should run just 
fine, albeit sometimes a bit slower, without them.

 Ned Deily,
 nad at

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