ANN: visvis v1.1

Almar Klein almar.klein at
Wed Feb 10 14:29:42 CET 2010

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce version 1.1 of visvis, a Python
visualization library for of 1D to 4D data.

Discussion group:

=== Description ===

Visvis is a pure Python visualization library that uses OpenGl to
display 1D to 4D data; it can be used from simple plotting tasks to
rendering 3D volumetric data that moves in time.

Visvis can be used in Python scripts, interactive Python sessions (as
with IPython) and can be embedded in applications.

Visvis employs an object oriented structure; each object being
visualized (e.g. a line or a texture) has various properties that can
be modified to change its behavior or appearance. A Matlab-like
interface in the form of a set of functions allows easy creation of
these objects (e.g. plot(), imshow(), volshow()).

=== Changes ===
A complete list can be found at

- Colormaps are now supported for texture objects. A colorbar and
colormapEditor wibject are also available.
- The performance of rendering 3D volumes has significantly improved. A new
shader (raycast) is also available).
- Fonts are rendered more smoothly and faster.
- Data for textures is automatically padded to a factor two if necessary,
and down-sampled if too large to fit in OpenGl memory.
- Visvis now works for any OpenGl version from OpenGl 1.1 (some features
might not be supported for lower versions though).

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