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Wed Feb 10 15:33:50 CET 2010

On Feb 9, 10:41 pm, Jonathan Gardner <jgard... at>
> On Feb 9, 1:51 am, waku <w... at> wrote:
> > 'stupid', 'wrong', 'deficient', 'terrible', ...  you're using strong
> > words instead of concrete arguments, it might intimidate your
> > opponents, but is hardly helpful in a fair discussion.
> In today's day and age, I don't know how a text editor which cannot do
> simple indentation can be considered anything but "stupid", "wrong",
> "deficient", and "terrible". There is simply no excuse for this kind
> of behavior on the part of the text editor.

i thought we were not discussing text editors, why should you insist
so much on diverting attention from the issue of a programmer being
*forced* to keep perfect indentation to the issue of an editor doing
autoindent or the like.

> I mean, how long has vi had the auto indent feature? How many decades
> has emacs supported the same? This isn't new technology, or difficult
> technology to implement. It's not even non-standard anymore. Heck, far
> more advanced features, such as syntax highlighting, are standard in
> all text editors.

wow!  and then, back to the issue of enforced indentation in python?

> Your problem is you're using something like Windows Notepad to edit
> your code.

thin ice!  you haven't got the faintest idea of what i use to edit my
code, do you.

Windows Notepad is a terrible tool for writing anything,
> let alone writing code. Why in the world would any programming
> language adapt itself to the mental deficiencies of Windows Notepad? I
> mean, if you were an artist, would you use MS Paint to do anything
> serious? If you did, would you complain that the art world has a
> problem because they don't accept your paintings?
> I strongly suggest you download one of the *hundreds* of free text
> editors available for the Windows platform that give you the
> indentation features you so sorely lack. I suggest ViM, though it has
> a steep learning curve.

listen to what people say before responding, and stop showing off.
again, you haven't used a single reasonable argument here.


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