Modifying Class Object

Ethan Furman ethan at
Wed Feb 10 19:38:58 CET 2010

Steven D'Aprano wrote:
> Believe me Alf, the fact that people are taking the time to try to argue 
> with you instead of just kill-filing you is a compliment.

It's a compliment I am not paying, although I am grateful to those who 
are attempting to teach him.  At the rate it's going, though, I don't 
see myself buying any book he produces.

Besides the arrogant attitude, he is wrong on so many things about 
Python it is truly stunning.  He seems to have confidence born of 
ignorance... a scary sight to see.

In the spirit of being helpful and not just being a jerk myself:


Using smileys after declaring somebody is mistaken/wrong/etc makes you 
look bad.

Not attempting to learn the language makes you look like an arrogant 
idiot (case in point: passing-by-object).

Accusing anyone and everyone that criticizes you of making ad hominem 
(sp?) attacks makes you look like a whiner.

After all is said and done - if you had a truly good grasp of Python, I 
might buy your book even if you still had -- ummm -- a less than winning 
presence on the mailing list; but right now your understanding is not 
worth paying for.

Hoping-this-helps-but-not-really-expecting-it-to-ly yours,

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