Python Logic Map/Logic Flow Chart. (Example Provided)

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Thu Feb 11 00:35:19 CET 2010

On Tue, 09 Feb 2010 07:35:51 -0000, Gary Herron <gherron at>  

> spike wrote:
>> On Feb 8, 1:35 pm, Gary Herron <gher... at> wrote:
>>> spike wrote:
>>>> Has anyone been able to come across a Python logic map or Python logic
>>>> flow chart?
>>>>       An example can be seen on the right under History:
>>>>       This would be very helpful for all users.
>>> Huh???  What aspect of Python were you thinking of mapping out?
>>> Your example us a bad ascii art graph of -- I've no clue what?
>>> Gary Herron
>> Do you know what "Logic" means? Guess not. Before you comedians quit
>> your day job some people are looking for information. If you have
>> nothing positive to say, go pester somewhere else.
>> Grow up.
> Why the attitude?  I wouldn't have asked for a clarification if I didn't  
> want to help.  However, I seriously have *no* idea what the OP has asked  
> for when he says "Python logic map".   Do you?  If so, then answer the  
> poor guy's question instead of whining at me.  (And I'll respectfully  
> read your answer, just to see how you interpret "Python logic map".)

Er, Gary, that *is* the OP.  He's just much better at being peeved than at  
clearly explaining what he wants.

And sorry, but I have no idea what Python logic maps or Python logic flow  
charts either, or even what a inter-network connectivity diagram might  
have to do with them.  An expansion of the original question is definitely  
in order.

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