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Alf P. Steinbach alfps at
Thu Feb 11 21:16:43 CET 2010

* Steve Holden:
> Alf P. Steinbach wrote:
>> * Steve Holden:
> [...]
>>> In this particular part of the thread I am attempting, unsuccessfully,
>>> to convince you that a change in *your* behavior would lead to less
>>> hostility directed towards the way you present your ideas.
>>> You apparently feel it is quite acceptable to tell people to "learn to
>>> read",
>> I have not used that expression.
>> However I have suggest and emphasized that it might help to *read*
>> whatever one quotes, when the quoted material (such as one paragraph)
>> has not been read.
>> Telling someone to "learn to read" is a Steve Holden'sk way to imply
>> that the person is an ignoramus who hasn't bothered to learn to read.
>> Telling a person to read something that's obviously not been read is
>> quite another matter. So, you are misrepresenting  --  again  --  and in
>> a quite revealing way, sorry.
> Pardon me? You used it on December 16 in a response to Mensanator in
> message <hgbri8$e17$1 at>
> M :> How about devoting a section on downloading the source files
> M :> and compiling it on a Mac?
> AS:> Learn to read.
> AS:> At the top of every second page it tells you that this is an
> AS:> introduction based on Windows.
> I am sure you will have some glib response as to why this wasn't rude at
> all. Allow me to correct you - it was, and rudeness is not welcomed on
> comp.lang.python. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen (why, I have even
> been known to be rude myself - we are none of us perfect, after all).
> I have already given ample evidence that when I am wrong I will admit
> it. You, contrariwise, maintain that you will admit when you are wrong
> (I believe 40% of the time was the figure you used)

No, 40% of contested cases. But that was sort of a white lie. I'm not that often 
wrong, and anyway it doesn't apply to me in [comp.lang.python] so far. It only 
applies to groups where only things that might be incorrect are challenged.

> but I fail to
> remember any single incident when you made such an admission.

Your memory seems to be very very bad, since I've stated I've been wrong also in 
direct debates with you.

But one person who /does/ have severe trouble admitting that he's wrong, going 
to the extreme of ad hominem attacks and using terms such as "wring" to avoid 
saying it (it's quite amazing, almost unbelievable) is Steve Holden.

Anyway, I was wrong about not having used that phrase "learn to read".

I'm not sure if I ever apologized directly to Mensanator for that, and now it's 
history, but what I do know I did was to follow up on that comment of his, 
making changes, and to acknowledge him for that in the [ack.txt] listing.

Any reader might draw conclusions from that, e.g. what I positively did or what 
I possibly forgot to do  --  we're not perfect beings any of us.

[Steve Holden rambling with personal characterizations & circular logic snipped]

Cheers & hth.,

- Alf

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