python crash on windows but not on linux

Dave Angel davea at
Fri Feb 12 14:06:07 CET 2010

hjebbers wrote:
> On Feb 12, 3:41 am, a... at (Aahz) wrote:
>> In article <34fcf680-1aa4-4835-9eba-3db3249f3... at>,
>> hjebbers  <hjebb... at> wrote:
>>> the error is a windows thing, I can make a screenshot of it, but I can
>>> not copy/paste text.
>> In that case, you need to -- very carefully -- make sure you transcribe
>> exactly the message that you see on the screen.
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> The message on the screen is (I typed it over):
> <snip>

You shouldn't ever have to retype the message.  Just paste from the DOS 
box (or "Command Prompt").  It's easy using QuickEdit mode.

You select a rectangle of the text by selecting with the mouse, then 
using right-click to put it in the clipboard.

If that doesn't work, you haven't yet enabled QuickEdit mode.  Use 
right-click on the DOS box's title bar.  Choose Properties.  Select the 
first tab, which is Options.

You should then see a selection box called "Quick Edit Mode".  Turn it 
on, and you won't have this problem again.


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