Generic spreadsheet interface

Simon Hibbs simon.hibbs at
Fri Feb 12 18:11:38 CET 2010

Hi Bro, I don't know of anything like that. The spreadsheet sites I do
know of are application-specific.

Note that the OO.o bindings for Python are only for Python 2.3 which
is a little archaic, but it's the version I started with and should be
more than good enough for spreadsheet work. A port to 2.5 is well

You'd probably need to write your own application-specific wrapper
modules with a common API and then use those, but it's probably not as
much work as it sounds and could be developed incrementaly.
Alternatively you just write your code against one spreadsheet module,
and then write a wrapper module for the other spreadsheet API  so it
looks the same.

Simon Hibbs

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