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>>> "Gabriel Genellina" <gagsl-py2 at yahoo.com.ar> writes:
>>>> Note the *literal* part. If you (the programmer) is likely to know the
>>>> parameter value when writing the code, then the function is actually two
>>>> separate functions.
>>> Thanks, I understand what Steve Holden meant now.
>> I've just noticed that 'literal' part. But I think I still disagree.
>> For a real-world example, it means instead of having a room with a
>> light-switch in it, if I *know* I want the light on or off, I should
>> have two rooms: one with the light permanently on, and one with it
>> permanently off, and just walk into the right one.
>Congratulations.  That has to be the most bogus analogy I've seen on
>c.l.py this year.

Aww, c'mon, it's less than two months into the year, don't be so
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