Modifying Class Object

MRAB python at
Sun Feb 14 03:10:28 CET 2010

Alf P. Steinbach wrote:
> * Steve Howell:
>> This thread is interesting on many levels.  What is the core question
>> that is being examined here?
> I think that regarding the technical it is whether a Python name refers 
> to an object or not. I maintain that it does, and that the reference can 
> be copied, and that the semantics of the language requires this and is 
> defined in terms of this. Steve Holden, D'Aprano and many others 
> maintain that there are no references, or that if there are then they're 
> only an implementation aspect, i.e. that conceiveable one could have an 
> implementation without them.
> Regarding some other issues it seems to be a childish exercise in 
> flaming, a flame war, with claims of insanity, incompetence, lying 
> (that's actually from me, I reacted a bit strongly to faked quoting + 
> conclusions from that in a posting not appearing on Usenet but on the 
> Python mail list), etc. etc. ad nauseam, sprinkled with 
> misrepresentations etc. I don't know the point of that.
It's a pity that no-one has gone far enough to trigger Godwin's Law...

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