plugin / intra process communication system

Paul Kölle paul at
Sun Feb 14 10:16:18 CET 2010

Am 13.02.2010 10:50, schrieb Florian Ludwig:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a module/plugin/intra-process-communication/hook system
> for python. Maybe someone here could point me to some project I missed
> or might have some good ideas if I end up implementing it myself.
> Most systems I have found are "one to many" communications but I would
> like "many to many", to clarify what I mean an *example* use-case:
>          Lets say you program a wiki and like to allow different kind of
>          authentications. So you create two plugins (for example one for
>          OpenID and one for Shibboleth).
>          Some time later you feel like reinventing the wheel again and
>          you program a blog. Again you like to allow different ways of
>          authentication and you already wrote plugins for exactly the
>          same for your wiki, right?
> With most systems now some trouble begins - the blog software would need
> to have the interface/extention-points/however-you-name-it that the wiki
> software defined.
> The plugins you wrote probably import them from the wiki module directly
> which means your blog would depend on the wiki. (?!) So where to put the
> interface/[...] definition that is imported by those plugins? Create a
> package/module just containing the interface? This really get
> troublesome if different people wrote the wiki, the blog and another
> third one a plugin.
If you are talking about code sharing you can move the common code out 
of your applications in a seperate namespace. If you follow the model 
trac is using you would install a module/package/egg with the basic 
functionality of the pluginsystem (i.e. what's in and + 
logging and whatever you think is necessary).
All shared code like your auth-plugins would go in a common plugin 
directory to which you can refer via PYTHONPATH.

Another common technique is chaining of WSGI middleware..., check out

Then there is SOA where functionality is shared via RPC/webservices and 
wsdl/uddi. But my feeling is this is mostly used in "Enterprise" 
applications and is best used in Java/.NET where you already have 
libraries doing all the XML stuff.


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