problem with floats and calculations

Karsten Goen karsten.goen at
Sun Feb 14 10:33:54 CET 2010

hey all,
I got a problem with floats and calculations. I made an mini-application
where you get random questions with some science calculations in it
So the user can type in his result with the values given by random creation.
And the user value is compared against the computer value... the problem is
that the user input is only 2 numbers behind the '.' so like 1.42, 1.75

here is the example:

without decimal it would be very inaccurate. decimal is very accurate when I
have to compare d with users calculations from a,b,c,var.
But when I ask the user what is "a" the result gets inaccurate when
calculating with the same values given before (b,c,d,var).

Maybe anyone can help me with this problem, I don't want to generate for
every possible user input a single formula. And also it should be possible
for a computer, my calculator at home does the same and is much smaller and

thx in advance

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