equivalent of Ruby's Pathname?

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>>>Why did Path() get rejected? Is it the idea itself, or just the
>>>approach that was used? What are the complaints?
>> You should search for the discussiona around it.
>I read the discussion, and there was definitely some going back and
>forth on whether it should be sub-classed from string, but the
>conversation just seemed to stop abruptly with no decision one way of
>the other.  Maybe I missed a thread.
>I guess being dropped without a final go-ahead is just as good as a
>formal no anyway.

Not quite: because it was not rejected, someone who wants to shepherd the
process forward would likely be welcomed (even if it ends up with formal
rejection).  I suggest starting by writing your own summary of the
previous discussion and see if the people involved agree that your
summary is reasonably accurate.  Also check to see if the original PEP
writer wants to be involved or whether zie is willing to have you take

Another good (and related) starting point would be to create a reasoning
favoring one side or the other that was not brought up in previous
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