MemoryError, can I use more?

Ross Ridge rridge at
Sun Feb 14 23:05:07 CET 2010

"Diez B. Roggisch" <deets at> writes:
> No, PAE can be used to access much more memory than 4GB - albeit
> through paging. AFAIK up to 2^36 Bytes.

Anssi Saari  <as at> wrote:
>That too. I admit, after checking, that you can't go above 3 GiB per
>process even in server Windows. But for Linux there exists (or
>existed, since it seems it hasn't been updated since 2004) a kernel
>patch which provides a "4GB/4GB" address split. Kernel is in one
>segment, userland in another and hence a process can access full 4GB.

Windows has a similar feature that allows 32-bit applications running on
64-bit versions of Windows to have a nearly 4Gb virtual address space.
Windows also allows 32-bit applications to use more than 4GB of physical
memory through a paging mechanism called "Address Windowing Extensions".
Also 32-bit applications can effectively use more than 4GB of RAM through
indirect means like multiple processes, the disk cache or video card RAM.

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