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> Hy, first thanks for your response!
> Well I am thinkin on coding in MPEG4/10, but I would just encode the
> video in that encoding,
> then stream it with VLC and save the video file on my disc. Then I
> would play it with my player....

I think you're misunderstanding what VLC does here.  Saving the video file  
should preserve format by default; you may be able save it out in YUV  
format (I don't have a copy on this machine to check), but that will take  
up ludicrous amounts of disc space and you'd still have to write a byte  
reader for it.  If you do do that, you have lost any chance of knowing  
whether a frame was an I or P frame in the original format, not that it  
matters anyway by that point.

MPEG-4/10 is hard to write efficient decoders for, and I have to admit I  
wouldn't do it in Python.  You'd be better off writing a wrapper for one  
of the existing MP4 libraries.

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