listing existing windows services with python

alex23 wuwei23 at
Tue Feb 16 09:38:00 CET 2010

"Alf P. Steinbach" <al... at> wrote:
> it's great that you provide the kind
> of help that you did, pointing out a probably very good module that it seems
> gives the required functionality, and giving an URL.

Yes, because that's _actually helping people_ and not just
contributing the usual self-serving pontificating nonsense that just
_flows_ from your goddamn mouth like a river of effluent

If you really wanted to help you would've cited _actual security
flaws_ in your first response  to me, instead of hand waving us away
to once again do the leg work of verification. Based on your postings
here, you regularly don't have the time or inclination to back up some
of the bizarre claims you make. It would actually improve the signal
in this channel a lot if you just chose not to make those posts at all.

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