listing existing windows services with python

Alf P. Steinbach alfps at
Tue Feb 16 09:52:37 CET 2010

* alex23:
> "Alf P. Steinbach" <al... at> wrote:
>> it's great that you provide the kind
>> of help that you did, pointing out a probably very good module that it seems
>> gives the required functionality, and giving an URL.
> Yes, because that's _actually helping people_ and not just
> contributing the usual self-serving pontificating nonsense that just
> _flows_ from your goddamn mouth like a river of effluent
> psuedotruths.

That's an off-topic personal attack, and it's completely untrue.

You're wasting bandwidth.

> If you really wanted to help you would've cited _actual security
> flaws_ in your first response  to me, instead of hand waving us away
> to once again do the leg work of verification.

Posting two ranting and raving articles complaining about 1 (one) line or so in 
an earlier article, just because you personally wouldn't want to know that, 
that's a total waste of the reader's time.

Disregarding the negative emotional adjectives you add everywhere, it's a good 
heuristic to post what you would want to know.

I would want to know that a service is started, that it's designed for net based 
administration by Microsoft, and that so it might constitute a security risk.

And so I added that information, each point of which is relevant. If you don't 
want to know about the "probably" little thing you can just skim over it. If 
you're unable to do that then something's wrong with you.

> Based on your postings
> here, you regularly don't have the time or inclination to back up some
> of the bizarre claims you make. It would actually improve the signal
> in this channel a lot if you just chose not to make those posts at all.

That an off-topic personal attack, and it's completely untrue.

Another poster (not me) has described you in an article here as a sockpuppet 
(false identity being in reality another poster here) and a troll; I believe at 
least the troll bit.

It would reduce the noise level a bit if you stopped contributing noise like above.


- Alf

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