listing existing windows services with python

Alf P. Steinbach alfps at
Tue Feb 16 13:48:09 CET 2010

* Tim Golden:
> On 16/02/2010 12:18, News123 wrote:
>> I don't use the script often, so if it would start a WMI service during
>> runtime and stop it afterwards it would be fine.
> FWIW -- your other considerations notwithstanding -- I'm not aware
> of WMI having this effect. Generally you can assume that the WMI
> services are running (or not, if someone's shut them off) but
> I've never heard of them being started up by virtue of a call
> to the WMI subsystem and then stopped afterwards.
> That said, I'd be interested if someone did have a pointer for this;
> worth putting a caveat in the docs if that were the case.

I just googled the filename from memory, found


Don't know if I've disabled it because invoking wmic didn't produce it.

Uh, wait, since it hosts the provider service(s), perhaps...

Yes, 'wmic service list brief' which actually retrieves some information (I 
guess it can be anything, I remembered this from listing process command lines) 
started an [wmprvse.exe] process.

It terminated after the query/usage, but as I recall in some cases it doesn't.

I don't know how that works with programmatic access, but it's worth checking out.


- Alf

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