Wrestling with the Py2exe Install, Win7, Py2.5

mk mrkafk at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 12:43:23 CET 2010

W. eWatson wrote:
> I've finally decided to see if I could make an executable out of a py 
> file. Win7. Py2.5. I brought down the install file and proceeded with 
> the install. I got two warning messages. Forgot the first. The second 
> said,"Could not set the key value." I again used OK. I think that was 
> the only choice. It then issued a message in a larger dialog. It was 
> about setting a key, and pointed me to a log. It mentions a Removepy2exe -u
> Although it finished, I have no idea where the program is. It does not 
> show up on the Start menu All Programs List nore my desktop. What's up?
> I've had these messages (key) occur on other Python installs as I 
> transition to Win7. So far no problem.

You may want to consider dumping the thing and going for PyInstaller, 
which in my experience is better and has friendly developer community 
behind it.


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