listing existing windows services with python

Tim Golden mail at
Wed Feb 17 15:29:05 CET 2010

On 16/02/2010 13:51, Alf P. Steinbach wrote:
> It doesn't seem to provide ordinary Windows "service"s, but it's a bit unclear
> since e.g. the URL above says

[... snip ...]

Well the useful info in there appears to come from:

Looking around the matter, I think I'm taking the view that this
is an implementation detail of WMI.

However you use it, WMI is a layer on a layer on layer
(especially if you're using it in Python with my module!)
and it's never going to be the fastest thing going. One
contributory factor will be this particular model of
process-within-process. But I don't feel that it would
help anybody if I were to mention it on my webpages as
there's nothing the casual user can do about it.

In general I tend to unrecommend WMI for something small
in an app which doesn't otherwise use it, unless the
convenience (and it *is* very convenient sometimes)
outweighs the slight performance issue.

Thanks for the heads-up anyway, Alf. I need to get up
to speed with the Vista & W7 issues referred to on
that page as well.


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