Interesting talk on Python vs. Ruby and how he would like Python to have just a bit more syntactic flexibility.

John Bokma john at
Wed Feb 17 19:39:30 CET 2010

Jonathan Gardner <jgardner at> writes:

> Then I looked at a stack trace from a different programming language
> with lots of anonymous functions. (I believe it was perl.)
> I became enlightened.

If it was Perl [1], I doubt it. Because line numbers are reported, and
if that doesn't help you, you can annotate anonymous functions with a
nick name using

local *__ANON__ = 'nice name';

Finding an issue, and not looking for a solution is not called becoming
enlightened ;-)

~$ perl -e '
use Carp;

my $anon = sub { local *__ANON__ = "hello, world"; croak "oops"; };

oops at -e line 4
	main::hello, world() called at -e line 5

As you can see, and a line number is generated, and the nice name is

If you generate anonymouse functions on the fly based on parameters, you
can encode this into the nice name, of course.

Sadly, often bold statements about a language are made in ignorance.

[1] perl is the program that executes Perl programs ;-).

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