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John Bokma john at
Wed Feb 17 23:09:42 CET 2010

Josh English <joshua.r.english at> writes:

> I have several pages exported from a private MediaWiki that I need to
> convert to a PDF document, or an RTF document, or even a Word
> document.
> So far, the only Python module I have found that parses MediaWiki
> files is mwlib, which only runs on Unix, as far as I can tell. I'm
> working on Windows here.
> Has anyone heard of a module that parses wiki markup and transforms
> it? Or am I looking at XSLT?

One option might be to install a printer driver that prints to PDF and
just print the web pages.

Using Saxon or AltovaXML and a suitable stylesheet might give you the
nicest looking result though (but quite some work).

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