Creating Import Hooks

Sreejith K sreejithemk at
Thu Feb 18 07:48:43 CET 2010

Hi everyone,

I need to implement custom import hooks for an application (http:// I want to restrict an application
to import certain modules (say socket module). Google app engine is
using a module hook to do this (HardenedModulesHook in google/
appengine/tools/ But I want to allow that
application to use an sdk module (custom) which imports and uses
socket module. But the module hook restricts the access by sdk.
Finding out, which file is importing a module give a solution?? ie. If
the application is importing socket module, I want to restrict it. But
if the sdk module is importing socket I want to allow it. Is there any
way I can do this ?

import sdk
import socket               # I dont want to allow this (need to raise

import socket               # need to allow this

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