Referring to class methods in class attributes

mk mrkafk at
Thu Feb 18 10:59:40 CET 2010

Stephen Hansen wrote:
> Or just leave it as a top level function where it was perfectly happy to 
> live :)

Yes. This is probably the sanest solution anyway, because probably 
having many such functions to use, packing them into smth like 
package.utils anyway is a good idea. I'm trying mainly to learn and 
test-drive such solutions, not that I would be keen to use them 
excessively in production code.

>     This obviously means no other method can call it like
>     self.print_internal_date(), because self would get passed as first
>     argument, yes?
> It doesn't have to be. It could be a class method-- @classmethod does 
> that, makes it receive 'cls' the actual class as the first argument. Or 
> a @staticmethod, in which case it has no first-argument at all.

Ahh now I get it. Thanks! So that's the use for @staticmethod (I was 
wondering if there was any).

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