MediaWiki to RTF/Word/PDF

Snaky Love snakylove at
Thu Feb 18 12:29:47 CET 2010


 - I checked some ways doing this, and starting over with a new thing
will give you a lot of headaches - all XSLT processors have one or
another problem - success depends very much on how you where using
wikipedia (plugins?) and you will have to expect a lot of poking
around with details and still not beeing happy with the solutions
available - there are many really crazy approaches out there to
generate pdf of mediawiki "markup" - many tried, not many succeeded,
most of them stop at "good enough for me"-level. So it might be a good
idea, not running too far away from what they are doing at - you will spend much less time with
installing ubuntu in a virtualbox.

However there is one quite impressive tool, that does pdf conversion
via css and is good for getting the job done quick and not too dirty: - scroll down to the mediawiki
examples - they offer a free license for non-commercial projects.

Good luck!

Have a nice day,

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