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On Thu, 18 Feb 2010 09:50:14 -0000, DANNY <danijel.gvero at> wrote:

> If I want to have a MPEG-4/10 coded video and stream it through the
> network and than have the same video on the client side, what should I
> use and of course I don't want to have raw MPEG data, because than I
> couldn't extract the frames to manipulate them.

By the looks of it, pyffmpeg may have some support for streamed input.  If  
not, you might be able to put something together from tstools  
( -- it's not what the tools  
were intended for, but there are Python bindings to the libraries that  
might help depending on exactly how you are streaming your video.   
Unfortunately the documentation is sparse to put it mildly, and pyffmpeg  
makes tstools look positively informative about how you're supposed to use  

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