speed question, reading csv using takewhile() and dropwhile()

Vincent Davis vincent at vincentdavis.net
Fri Feb 19 19:22:09 CET 2010

I have some some (~50) text files that have about 250,000 rows each. I am
reading them in using the following which gets me what I want. But it is not
fast. Is there something I am missing that should help. This is mostly an
question to help me learn more about python. It takes about 4 min right now.

def read_data_file(filename):
    reader = csv.reader(open(filename, "U"),delimiter='\t')
    read = list(reader)
    data_rows = takewhile(lambda trow: '[MASKS]' not in trow, [x for x in
    data = [x for x in data_rows][1:]

    mask_rows = takewhile(lambda trow: '[OUTLIERS]' not in trow,
list(dropwhile(lambda drow: '[MASKS]' not in drow, read)))
    mask = [row for row in mask_rows if row][3:]

    outlier_rows = dropwhile(lambda drows: '[OUTLIERS]' not in drows, read)
    outlier = [row for row in outlier_rows if row][3:]

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