Can I embedding a (python) console on python program?

Kee K Y CHEN keekychen at
Sat Feb 20 06:38:47 CET 2010

HI All,

Apologize for being a newbie to python area and sorry for my English. 

Actually what I need is embedding a python interactive console(or other
shell console alike module) on my python program for debugging and
controlling purpose during the program runtime. 

For example, print/set some important value, query some runtime status
when I remote login to host via telnet/ssh when the program running on
the host. One of the idea is I can write the program use the GUI tech,
but that is not fit for someone use a text based session.

In summary, in my scheme, it should something looks like the GEdit
extension - python console and but may interactive with tty/vty lines.

Can anyone give a brief to me? 

Thanks in advance.  

Kee K Y CHEN <keekychen at>

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