Can't Access ANY url from python (errno 61)

Martin P. Hellwig martin.hellwig at
Sat Feb 20 19:28:16 CET 2010

On 02/20/10 00:20, MattB wrote:
> Also, based on Martin's comment, I just wanted to make you all aware
> that I intend no misuse, but rather am just trying to learn, as I'm a
> programming noob.
It wasn't my intention to imply that, rather the opposite, that if some 
BOFH would see your action as misuse (some admins are pretty trigger 
happy), you would expect them to contact you directly (I would).
Even though you are on a wireless there are ways to track you down.
For example I would search my log to see if I can make an association 
between a login to one of my servers and your mac address.

BTW, I always followed the philosophy that learning is much more fun if 
you can brake/blow something up. Thus on my networks all students had a 
lot of freedom to do whatever they think was appropriate but they where 
aware that every action on my network was monitored and logged.


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