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Noam Yorav-Raphael noamraph at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 14:18:23 CET 2010

Delete \Documents and Settings\<username>\DreamPie and it should now
Did you edit the colors using the configuration window or manually?
If you edited them using the configuration window, can you give
instructions on how to reproduce the bug?


On Feb 21, 3:06 pm, "Aage Andersen" <aaan(REMOVE)@email.dk> wrote:
> I reinstalled and got this message:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "dreampie.py", line 4, <module>()
>   File "dreampielib\gui\__init__.pyc", line 972, main()
>   File "dreampielib\gui\__init__.pyc", line 153,
> __init__(self=DreamPie(path..."window_main"),
> pyexec='C:\\Python26\\python.exe')
>   File "dreampielib\gui\__init__.pyc", line 829,
> configure(self=DreamPie(path..."window_main"))
>   File "dreampielib\gui\tags.pyc", line 224,
> apply_theme_text(textview=<gtk.Tex...xd82038)>,
> textbuffer=<gtk.Tex...xd816d0)>, theme={('bracket-match', 'bg', 'color'):
> 'darkblue', ('bracket-match', 'bg', 'isset'): True, ('bracket-match', 'fg',
> 'color'): 'white', ('bracket-match', 'fg', 'isset'): False, ...})
> ValueError: unable to parse colour specification
> Aage

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