DreamPie - The Python shell you've always dreamed about!

Iuri iurisilvio at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 18:38:51 CET 2010

I tested it in Windows Vista.

When I type single or double quotes, I get a unicode character, different of
python's quotes, and it break my code.

But i liked this tool! Thanks!


On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 3:13 PM, Chris Colbert <sccolbert at gmail.com> wrote:

> This is bloody fantastic! I must say, this fixes everything I hate about
> Ipython and gives me the feature I wished it had (with a few minor
> exceptions).
> I confirm this working on Kubuntu 9.10 using the ppa listed on the sites
> download page.
> I also confirm that it works interactively with PyQt4 and PyGtk (as to be
> expected since these toolkits use the PyOS_inputhook for the mainloop).
> However, it does not work interactively with wx (again, this is as expected
> since wx doesn't use the PyOS_inputhook). In short, the gui toolkit support
> is the same as in Ipython if you dont use any of the magic threading
> switches, which are now deprecated anyway.
> Matplotlib does not work interactively for me. Is there a special switch
> that needs to be used? or should a pick a non-wx backend? (i'm thinking the
> latter is more likely)
> A couple of things I would like to see (and will help implement if I can
> find the time):
> 1) A shortcut to show the docstring of an object. Something like Ipython's
> `?`. i.e.  `object.foo?` translates to `help(object.foo)`
> 2) How do I change the color of the blinking cursor at the bottom? I can't
> see the damn thing!
> 3) line numbers instead of the `>>>` prompt
> 4) a plugin facility where we can define our own `magic` commands. I use
> Ipython's %timeit ALL the time.
> 5) Double-click to re-fold the output section as well.
> Thanks for making this!!!!
> Cheers,
> Chris
> On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 4:42 AM, Noam Yorav-Raphael <noamraph at gmail.com>wrote:
>> I'm pleased to announce DreamPie 1.0 - a new graphical interactive
>> Python shell!
>> Some highlights:
>> * Has whatever you would expect from a graphical Python shell -
>> attribute completion, tooltips which show how to call functions,
>> highlighting of matching parentheses, etc.
>> * Fixes a lot of IDLE nuisances - in DreamPie interrupt always works,
>> history recall and completion works as expected, etc.
>> * Results are saved in the Result History.
>> * Long output is automatically folded so you can focus on what's
>> important.
>> * Jython and IronPython support makes DreamPie a great tool for
>> exploring Java and .NET classes.
>> * You can copy any amount of code and immediately execute it, and you
>> can also copy code you typed interactively into a new file, with the
>> Copy Code Only command. No tabs are used!
>> * Free software licensed under GPL version 3.
>> Check it out at http://dreampie.sourceforge.net/ and tell me what you
>> think!
>> Have fun,
>> Noam
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