ANN: Python-SIMPL v2.0.0 released

bobicanprogram icanbob at
Mon Feb 22 15:40:15 CET 2010

The SIMPL project ( aims to bring the
Send/Receive/Reply messaging (first popularized by QNX) to the open
source Linux world.   Since its inception more that 10 years ago,  the
SIMPL toolkit has grown steadily in functionality.   Through the use
of surrogates,  SIMPL modules can be dispersed seamlessly across
networks including heterogeneous networks with only one Linux node.
SIMPL modules can also be written in several programming languages
including Python, C, C++, JAVA and Tcl/Tk.   Modules written in
different languages can be mixed in a SIMPL appliction.

Python-SIMPL has been used to connect Python UIs to C data acquisition/
computation backends.   While this is an example of a common use for
the toolkit,  it is by no means the only place it could be useful.
Python to Python,  Python to JAVA as well as Python to C are all
seamlessly possible in both local or distributed applications.  Python-
SIMPL allows a software application to be broken up into modules where
the language choices for each module can be optimized.

The Python-SIMPL interface library has undergone a fundamental
revision with the v2.0.0 release. The underlying shared library which
wraps the SIMPL toolkit as a Python extension was cleaned up
considerably.   In addition two new Python wrappers were created to
expose this SIMPL toolkit in more object oriented fashion to the
Python developer.

The simplest starting point for exploring the Python-SIMPL toolkit is
an online "hello world" level tutorial at:

The Python-SIMPL toolkit can be downloaded in source form at:

or in precompiled binary (i386) form at:

We at the SIMPL project welcome participants at all levels of
expertise.   If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us.


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