How to transmit a crash report ?

MRAB python at
Tue Feb 23 03:27:41 CET 2010

Stef Mientki wrote:
> hello,
> in my python desktop applications,
> I'ld like to implement a crash reporter.
> By redirecting the sys.excepthook,
> I can detect a crash and collect the necessary data.
> Now I want that my users sends this information to me,
> and I can't find a good way of doing this.
> The following solutions came into my mind:
> (most of my users are on Windows, and the programs are written in Python 
> 2.6)
> 1. mailto:
> doesn't work if the the user didn't install a default email client,
> or if the user uses a portable email client (that isn't started yet)
> Besides this limits the messages to small amounts of data.
> 2.other mail options: smtp
> AFAIK such a solution needs smtp authorization, and therefor I've to put 
> my username and password in the desktop application.
Try reading the documentation for Python's smtplib module.

You don't need to provide any password.

> 3. http-post
> Although post is also limited in size,
> I could store information in cookies (don't know yet how), and cookies 
> are sent parallel to the post message.
> On the server site I can use a small php script, that stores the 
> post-data, cookies and/or send's a (long) email.
> are there better options ?

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