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Tue Feb 23 06:10:55 CET 2010

DANNY <danijel.gvero at> wrote:
>Yes, well beside bieng time-consuming, that is also inappropriate 
>for me, because I want to have clip that would be streamed across
>the network and have the same GoP on the client side as the 
>original-because I want to see what is the effect of errors on 
>different GoP sizes. I would manipuleta the received clip just 
>in the way that (if there are too many errors) I would
>stop displaying untill the next I frame.....I cant find a way to do
> there a way?

Sure.  You can do a partial decode yourself, scan for the start of frame
markers, pull the I/P/B state from that, and periodically "forget" to pass
the buffer through.  Your filter could have MPEG in and out.
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