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Olof Bjarnason olof.bjarnason at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 14:25:07 CET 2010

2010/2/23 Noam Yorav-Raphael <noamraph at gmail.com>:
> ‎Thanks! I'm happy you like it!
> Thanks for the feedback too. Here are my replies.
> On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 7:13 PM, Chris Colbert <sccolbert at gmail.com> wrote:
>> This is bloody fantastic! I must say, this fixes everything I hate about
>> Ipython and gives me the feature I wished it had (with a few minor
>> exceptions).
>> I confirm this working on Kubuntu 9.10 using the ppa listed on the sites
>> download page.
> Great. It's important to know.
>> I also confirm that it works interactively with PyQt4 and PyGtk (as to be
>> expected since these toolkits use the PyOS_inputhook for the mainloop).
>> However, it does not work interactively with wx (again, this is as expected
>> since wx doesn't use the PyOS_inputhook). In short, the gui toolkit support
>> is the same as in Ipython if you dont use any of the magic threading
>> switches, which are now deprecated anyway.
> Actually, currently DreamPie doesn't use PyOS_inputhook, but
> implements the GUI hooks by itself. So it should be possible to
> implement wx support if there's a way to handle events for a few
> milliseconds. I tried it a bit and didn't find how to do it - if you
> are interested in wx support and think you can help, please do.
>> Matplotlib does not work interactively for me. Is there a special switch
>> that needs to be used? or should a pick a non-wx backend? (i'm thinking the
>> latter is more likely)
> You should set "interactive:True" in your matplotlibrc file. The next
> DreamPie version will warn about this.
>> A couple of things I would like to see (and will help implement if I can
>> find the time):
>> 1) A shortcut to show the docstring of an object. Something like Ipython's
>> `?`. i.e.  `object.foo?` translates to `help(object.foo)`
> I wrote this at http://wiki.python.org/moin/DreamPieFeatureRequests .
> I hope I will manage to implement this soon.
>> 2) How do I change the color of the blinking cursor at the bottom? I can't
>> see the damn thing!
> It should be in the color of the default text. If this is not the
> case, please file a bug!
>> 3) line numbers instead of the `>>>` prompt
> I know IPython does this, but I thought you needed it only if placing
> the cursor on top of the command doesn't do anything. Can you tell me
> why do you need this in the context of a graphical user interface?
>> 4) a plugin facility where we can define our own `magic` commands. I use
>> Ipython's %timeit ALL the time.
> Added it to the feature request page.
>> 5) Double-click to re-fold the output section as well.
> I don't think that's a good idea, because usually double-click selects
> the word, and I don't want to change that behavior for regular text.
> You can use ctrl-minus to fold the last output section!
>> Thanks for making this!!!!
> Thanks for the feedback!

I installed latest .exe from LP on my Win7/32-bit machine, nothing
happens when I start DreamPie. Is there a bug report file somewhere I
could send you Noam?

(Python2.6.4 installed on my machine)

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