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Tue Feb 23 19:24:08 CET 2010

Hi Groetjes Albert,

I spotted your comment - re: pointers

On Feb 22, 11:44 pm, Albert van der Horst <alb... at>
(I once studied algol 68, and never got confused about these
> subjects anymore, recommended.)

Having used Algol68, then switching to C to discover "*" for manual
dereferencing I immediately wanted to be back using A68 again, but
alas...  Then when I switched to C++ I immediately understood the
"Zen" of C++'s "&"... but still wanted to switch back to A68.  Was
there ever a version with "Objects"... I saw a version with "Areas"
but have no idea what an "Area" is.

@Albert: Given the domain name "xs4all" in your email address I am
sure YOU have spotted: by

Also: I invite you to join one of the below groups (my .sig below) and
deposit some of your Algol68 impressions....

There is also a chrestomathy site
where you can pick out an code sample unimplemented in Algol68 and
torture test your Algol68 memories.  (Be warned: Most of the easy
samples are done)

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