Verifying My Troublesome Linkage Claim between Python and Win7

W. eWatson wolftracks at
Tue Feb 23 22:00:02 CET 2010

On 2/23/2010 11:14 AM, Gib Bogle wrote:
> W. eWatson wrote:
>> On 2/23/2010 8:26 AM, Rick Dooling wrote:
>>> No telling what Windows will do. :)
>>> I am a mere hobbyist programmer, but I think real programmers will
>>> tell you that it is a bad habit to use relative paths. Use absolute
>>> paths instead and remove all doubt.
>>> RD
>> You may be right. The actual 300 line program just reads the folder
>> without specifying any path. I'm not that familiar with os path, but
>> have seen it used.
> How do you invoke the program? Do you use a Command Prompt window?
IDLE, but I'm prett sure I tried it (300 lines) with Cprompt.

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