Spam from gmail (Was: fascism)

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at
Wed Feb 24 00:06:09 CET 2010

>> >> Is it just me or has the spew from gmail on this list radically
>> >> increased in the last week?  Anyone else considering blocking all gmail
>> >> posts to this list?
>> >
>> > I did that a long time ago for all of the Usenet groups I read
>> > and all but one of the mailing lists I read.
>> Wait, I misread the posting.  I block everything from
>> google.groups, not everything from gmail.
> Yes, I did that a long time ago as well.  But now there seems to be
> more and more actual spam coming from itself.  It may just be
> a minor blip on the spam graph but I'm keeping my eye on it.
> Most mailing lists that I am on are pretty good at filtering spam
> before it gets to the list.  The only spam I ever see on my NetBSD
> lists are the ones that I moderate and I block them before anyone else
> sees them.  A little more pain for me in return for a lot less pain for
> everyone else.  I guess that's not possible on a list that is gatewayed
> to UseNet like this one is.
> Hmm.  I wonder if all the spam is coming from the NG side.  I'll have
> to look at that.  One of the reasons that I stopped reading UseNet over
> ten years ago was because of the diminishinig S/N ratio.  I have always
> felt that it was a mistake to gateway this group.

And this has to do with python programming in what way?

You, sir, are incredibly funny :)

Just 5 minutes ago you declared in a nearby thread that

> It isn't about the Python programming language so it is off topic.  So
> what if some members have an interest?  We have interest in a lot of
> things.  We all have interest in the hardware that our programs run on
> but questions about hardware are also off topic.
> Perhaps you don't quite grasp the point of topical discussion groups.
> They are a way of letting individuals decide for themselves what kind
> of discussions they want to be involved in.  By spamming the group this
> way you take away that freedom of choice.  It's ironic when it is done
> in the name of freedom.



Psss, psss, put it down! -

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