Verifying My Troublesome Linkage Claim between Python and Win7

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Wed Feb 24 03:04:49 CET 2010

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W. eWatson <wolftracks at> wrote:
>My claim is that if one creates a program in a folder that reads a file 
>in the folder it and then copies it to another folder, it will read  the 
>data file in the first folder, and not a changed file in the new folder. 
>I'd appreciate it if some w7 users could try this, and let me know what 
>they find.
>My experience is that if one checks the properties of the copied file, 
>it will point to the original py file and execute it and not the copy.

I've no time to verify your specific claim and have no readily available
proof for mine, but I've seen similar issues on Win7.  AFAIK, this has
nothing to do with Python.
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