Bay Area PUG Meeting Thursday in Mountain View, CA

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>>> Anyone here going to the meeting,Subject? As far as I can tell, it meets
>>>from 7:30 to 9 pm. Their site shows no speaker yet, and there seems to
>>> be an informal group dinner at 6 pm at some place yet unknown. Comments?
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>Thanks. I'd appreciate it if you tell me what topic is. I belong to too 
>many mail lists. Thursday will be my first meeting. Perhaps I'll change 
>my mind about ML after a meeting. Can you describe anything more than 
>the topic? Do they have books, videos, tutorials (live), casual Q/A, 
>person-to-person chat before the speaker?

Sorry, I don't know offhand; using the mailing list is your best bet.
(BayPIGgies is usually not a high-traffic list.)
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