When will Java go mainstream like Python?

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Wed Feb 24 21:40:10 CET 2010

Am 24.02.2010, 00:22 Uhr, schrieb Lawrence D'Oliveiro  
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>> Java - The JVM code been hacked to death by Sun engineers (optimised)
>> Python - The PVM code has seen speed-ups in Unladen or via Pyrex..
>> ad-infinitum but nowhere as near to JVM
> Python is still faster, though.

In synthetic microbenchmarks without any practical importance - possibly.

> I think a key reason is that its VM supports
> reference-counting, which the Java folks never quite got the grasp of.

Reference counting is about the worst technique for garbage collection.
Modern Java VM won't count references. They will just trace the active  
references from the rootand mark all objects it finds as active and save  
these. The remaining ones are garbage. The reason why this is faster is  
that there are usually less live objects than dead ones and there are less  
refereces to look at.

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